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Top Tax Secrets For The Successful Apartment Owner/Investor with Robert Hall & Associates – Thursday July 30 at 11am

via Robert Hall & Associates Tax Consultants

Learn how to save on your State and Federal taxes by one of the leading tax experts, Tony Watson of Robert Hall & Associates, CPAs. Taking this webinar will teach you to avoid the major tax pitfalls and mistakes and how you can save money on YOUR taxes and continue to build wealth and retirement security as quickly as possible.

During this presentation, Tony Watson, an Enrolled Agent with Robert Hall & Associates, will explain to you the tricks and secrets you can use to avoid paying too much in taxes. Learn how to protect your wealth, how to avoid costly tax mistakes, and learn the leading tax avoidance strategies all in compliance with the law. Whether you are an investor, agent, or lender, you will be able to use this important information to maximize your returns on your real estate investments and potentially save thousands of dollars on your taxes well into the next decade!

Discussion Topics Include:

The Top-5 deductions to take on a tax return
The most audited deduction and how to best document to avoid costly penalties and interest
In-state vs out-of-state: what’s the best tax strategy for YOU?
The differences between an LLC, a trust and an insurance policy
Changes in the tax code for 2020: what’s new and how to react before it is too late?
The Automobile Quandary: lease or buy?
Who qualifies as a real estate professional?
and much more, including Q&A to follow the presentation!

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