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To Our Residents

Communication is the key to a successful property management-tenant relationship. You are assigned an experienced Property Supervisor who is familiar with the area and building you are now living in. The Property Supervisor is available via cell, text or email, and will be your day-to-day contact. We value you as a new tenant and will do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable. If at anytime you have questions or concerns, please let our staff know so we can better service you.


  • Non-Emergencies: Please log into your Resident Portal to submit a Maintenance Request. Your Resident Portal will allow you to track the status of your request and is the preferred method used by SPG.
  • Emergencies: Should YOU HAVE AN EMERGENCY THAT IS LIFE THREATENING CALL 911. IF YOU SMELL GAS OR THINK YOU HAVE A GAS LEAK CALL THE GAS COMPANY 800.427.2200. If you have an emergency that is threatening to your building and/or unit during our business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am – 5pm, please call 310.260.6363. If you are calling while our office is closed, please call our Emergency Line, 213.842.5174 or 310.775.3785 and someone will assist you right away.
  • Keys: If you have changed your locks for any reason, you MUST forward a copy of the key to Scott Properties immediately.

Lost Keys: If you lose your keys, please contact your onsite manager (if applicable) or SPG and a new set will be provided for a fee.

  • Plumbing: If your garbage disposal stops hit the reset button then try again. PLEASE RUN HOT WATER WHEN USING DISPOSAL. If you cannot get your disposal to work, simply login to your Resident Portal to submit a Maintenance Request.
  • Please treat your residence with care and report any leaks immediately. Repairs to your unit are deemed your responsibility (missing smoke detectors/screens, broken windows, jammed disposals, etc) will be charged to your account.

Rent Payments

  • Pay Online: Paying online is easy! Most residents have the ability to pay their rent, view their rent payment status and set up auto-payments on their Resident PortalAll questions regarding your rent amount should be directed to our Accounts Receivable department, contact 310.260.6363 x368 or x365Please keep in mind the following fees apply when paying online:


  • $1.50 per transaction

Debit card:

  • Where Transaction amount is less than $1,000.00 per Transaction:  $3.95
  • Where Transaction amount is equal to or greater than $1,000.00, but less than $2,000.00 per Transaction: $4.95
  • Where Transaction amount is equal to or greater than $2,000.00: $9.95

Credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AMEX: 2.5% of transaction amount

  • Paying by check: Please make sure all payments are made out to SCOTT PROPERTIES GROUP, Inc. and include your address and unit # in the memo section so we can correctly credit your account. If you pay online, you can see your payment history by logging into your Resident Portal.
  • Late Rental Payments: We take timely payments seriously. If rent is paid late, a late fee must be included in your payment, please refer to your lease agreement.

Other Important Notes for Residents:

  • Utilities: Per your lease, all utilities must be transferred into your name. If you have not done so already, please contact the local utility companies immediately. To save you time, you can refer to our Useful Utility Vendors list. (link to Useful Utility Numbers page)
    Renter’s Insurance: Per your lease, each renter must obtain Renter’s Insurance. Please contact Jodie Hyams of White and Sutton Insurance at 310.393.9477 ext.167
  • No Smoking: All of our buildings are smoke-free, so if you have a guest who smokes they will need to do it off the grounds of our property.
  • Pets: If you are a pet owner, please make sure you obey all posted and pet rules.