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Property Evaluation

Within 90 days of hire, SPG will complete a comprehensive evaluation of all management-related issues for each property. Only after the full evaluation can we determine, together with building ownership, the most effective way to service both the properties and your tenants.

Our evaluation will include, but not limited to the following:

  • A review of current tenancy, including all leases.
  • A review of the current operation budget for the Properties.
  • A review of all existing service contracts.
  • A thorough evaluation of all building systems. We will walk and map all systems.
  • A review of existing insurance policies.
  • A review of current property tax status.
  • A complete review of all existing site personnel, including current responsibilities and procedures.
  • A person-to-person sit down with each tenant.
  • We will also have your tenants give us an evaluation of current operation and like and dislikes.
  • Implement a tenant retention program that works for the Properties.