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What Apartment Owners Should Know Before Leasing to a Restaurant

via Before the pandemic, restaurants were among the most sought-after retail tenants, and even in a post-pandemic world, restaurants continue to perform well despite new challenges. It isn’t surprising that apartment owners with ground-floor retail spaces would want to ink a restaurant tenant, but Gary Glick, a partner with Cox, Castle & Nicholson, says that apartment owners should make sure they are complying with space requirements first. “It is critical to multi-family developers that their leases with food users with on-site cooking facilities require regular and adequate cleaning of all exhaust systems,” Glick tells “This cleaning should include degreasing of all hoods, fans, vents, pipes, flues and grease traps. In the event any food user fails to clean such systems, the landlord, upon written notice to such tenant, should have the right to arrange for the cleaning of such system, and the tenant should be required to reimburse the landlord for all of these costs.” Read More..

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The California Rental Relief Act: What You Need to Know to Get Paid

When Tuesday, October 5, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PDT Where This is an online event. Contact Apartment News Publications Apartment News Publications 714-893-3971 The California Rental Relief Act: What You Need to Know to Get Paid Join us for this important webinar as we discuss next steps following the end of statewide eviction moratoriums and what you need to know to plan ahead for the eventual end of the City of Los Angeles’ eviction moratorium. Leading landlord legal expert, Jenifer Anisman, will answer your questions. Registration is closed. This event has already been held.

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The Eviction Moratorium – What’s Next?

via In this AOA Live Stream, you will discover: Changes to laws that affect residential rental housing providers Updates on AB 832 How to navigate the months ahead Michael Brennan is the owner of Brennan Law Firm, an eviction law firm for landlords, which focuses on: Evictions and Landlord-tenant litigation. In addition to running his law firm, this speaker also: writes articles, conducts seminars, and teaches classes on a multitude of landlord tenant topics throughout Southern California. He is extremely active in the landlord-tenant industry, and sits on the Board of Directors for various Apartment Associations throughout Southern California, as well as sitting on multiple legislative committees where he reviews and interprets proposed legislation affecting the rental housing industry. He is a landlord himself, so the information he is presenting today is not just taken from black letter law, but also from his own personal experience as a housing provider and eviction attorney. Brennan Law Firm is a landlord’s firm. We focus exclusively on representing landlords, real estate professionals, and management companies in all areas of landlord/tenant law. We provide outstanding customer service and attention to detail often lacking in other firms. We approach each client and each case with a proactive, positive, and professional approach. Moreover, we keep our clients informed about developments with updates with every major occurrence in their case. We are here to help you with your landlord-tenant needs and to facilitate that, we encourage you to call with any questions you might have. You can call our office at any time during normal hours of business to obtain a status report or to simply ask a question.However tempting it may seem, “do it yourself” is no longer an option when it comes to evicting tenants in California. The only effective approach to evicting tenants is to have a deep understanding of the applicable laws and to proactively approach each individual situation with that knowledge. With us on your side, you can effectively navigate the complex California legal system while steering clear of unnecessary and costly delays. Brennan Law Firm 855-285-2230

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LA County commercial landlords can’t evict tenants just yet

via Commercial tenants struggling to pay their rent in Los Angeles County are getting a reprieve. The County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to extend its eviction moratorium on commercial tenants through January. The board did not extend the eviction moratorium for residential tenants, explaining it didn’t have the authority to supersede state protections. California’s statewide eviction moratorium for residential tenants is set to expire on Thursday. Los Angeles also has a residential eviction moratorium in place, which will expire after the city ends its “local emergency” declaration. Read More..

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Emotional Support Animals and the Fair Housing Act

via Emotional support animals, rental housing issues and the Fair Housing Act create more questions than just about any other topic we see. Here is some help with the issues and remember this is not legal advice so check with your attorney on specifics. Emotional support animals can come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to know how to properly handle accommodation requests and avoid possible fair-housing complaints. This article will discuss the proper verification process for emotional support animals based on the Fair Housing Act and how to manage some common situations that may arise. Read More..

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6 Lessons For Landlords from the COVID-19 Pandemic

via COVID-19 created a perfect storm for landlords, many of whom were thrown curveball after curveball, requiring them to adjust on the fly for their renters. The most challenging part for a landlord during the pandemic has not been the inability to collect rent, but the ongoing duty to maintain the property and to control emotions brought on by the pandemic. Landlords’ obligations were not put on hold during the pandemic, but COVID made it more difficult to fulfill them. Even if tenants are unable to, or refuse to pay rent, landlords are still required to manage tenant disputes, assure tenants’ ordinary safety – and extraordinary safety when and if a tenant contracted the virus – and maintain the property when many building-maintenance services were closed or limited. Read More..

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Los Angeles Apartment Roars Back After the Pandemic

via The Los Angeles apartment market has already returned to pre-pandemic activity, according to the latest research from Marcus & Millichap. Apartment leasing is at a 15-year high, illustrating the strong renter demand. Demand has been so healthy that vacancy has fallen to 4% and rents are up 3% for the year. Job growth is behind the market’s swift recovery. In the second quarter, 89,000 jobs were added to the employment market. At the same time, 9,700 units were leased and the county added 37,000 new households to Los Angeles County. Marcus & Millichap expects equally strong job growth in the second half of the year, ultimately predicting that 250,000 jobs will be added to the market this year. Read More..

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New rent relief is on the way for L.A. tenants and landlords. Here’s how to apply

via Oct. 1 is a crucial day for California residents who have fallen behind on their rent because of the pandemic. That's when the state's lengthy moratorium on evictions will start to expire, allowing landlords to seek the removal of tenants who have failed to pay what they owe. Tenants will have to meet either of two conditions to avoid being tossed out: Pay the new rent in full and cover at least 25% of the rent they haven't paid since September 2020; Be enrolled in a rental assistance program offered by the state or their local government. Read More..

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Labor Shortages Are Disrupting Many Parts of the Economy

via Recent economic reports have shown the impact of rising COVID cases as the delta variant spreads across many regions of the nation, disrupting business operations and hiring, and slowing economic momentum as the summer comes to an end. Citing the health crisis, many workers have fallen out of the labor force either to retire or to limit exposure to themselves or their loved ones. Labor shortages, as well as other issues, are causing delays at ports, and shortages of materials continue to beleaguer construction and factory activity. Read More..

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How Property Managers Can Get In Front Of HVAC System Challenges in Southern California

Staying on top of HVAC systems is a must for property managers in Southern California. Aside from making residents feel comfortable in their living/working environments, HVAC efficiency saves costs and reduces emissions, so HVAC maintenance in Southern California has never been so important. Since California landlords aren’t obligated under habitability laws to provide air conditioning, it’s a plus for tenants to receive heating and AC in their rented units. But how do property managers keep renters happy without losing substantial amounts of money and energy costs? Here are a few ways that Southern California property managers can get in front of their HVAC system challenges:

Keep A Trusted HVAC Technician On Hand

It’s important to develop an ongoing relationship with a company that won’t take advantage when it comes to cost.   The best way to find a reliable HVAC technician is by getting multiple bids for the same project. We suggest performing a quick internet search to locate the top-rated HVAC companies in Southern Cali. Find a reliable option that you trust, and stay loyal to them within reason for the best results.

Install Modern Thermostat Systems For Ultimate Control

The use of digital thermostat systems is one of the best ways to micromanage energy use. Modern-day thermostats put the control in the user’s hands and allow for complete digital control of temperature. For example, thermostat systems like the Google Nest allow for users to control temperature and activate systems from a cell phone. Higher-end construction builds even have automated air vents that open and close at the press of a button using your smartphone, areas that aren’t in use can be closed off from the climate control.

Regularly Replace Air Filters

Replacing air filters regularly is the cheapest and best way to prevent problems in HVAC systems. When air supply to evaporator coils is restricted, it causes them to freeze over and stop functioning. That’s why it’s important to ensure air filters are changed every 30-60 days for optimum performance. Make sure the air filter is the right size for the unit. Installing the wrong-sized air filter could result in the same problems as running the system with a dirty filter according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Use Energy-Efficient Units

Efficiency is huge when it comes to HVAC. Always take into consideration the area when installing a new system. You should always consult an HVAC professional when According to Energy Star, an efficient air conditioner stamped with the Energy Star of approval consumes about 15% less energythan less-efficient models. also points out that newer air conditioners use 30% to 50% less energy than units from the 1970s and earlier. So, if your property still utilizes ancient methods of air conditioning, it’s time to consider making a sound investment in some newer and more efficient units.

Stay Educated On Warranty Information

Most HVAC systems have a replacement guarantee if the unit fails. Unfortunately, if the unit hasn’t had regular maintenance, then it will typically void the warranty costing you thousands of dollars extra.   That’s why it’s extremely important to keep warranty documentation on file for all air conditioning systems and stay up-to-date with maintenance by hiring a qualified HVAC technician for regular service.

Schedule Seasonal Inspections

The best way to stop problems before they happen is by checking everything over before the hot/cold season begins. Have your heating and air tech perform a full inspection on all systems and give you a thumbs up before firing up the heat/AC. Here are some checklist reminders to request for seasonal inspections in the Southern California area:

Air Filter Condition √

Your HVAC pro will tell you exactly what you need to know when it comes to air filter replacement. It’s important to use the correct sized air filter to avoid damaging effects to the system. It’s a good idea to keep extra air filters around for immediate replacement when necessary.

Evaporator Coil Inspection √

Evaporator coils should be free from ice and dust. If the coils are icy, that means that the refrigerant running through them isn’t properly extracting the heat. Frozen evaporator coils are usually due to a dirty air filter or clogged condensate drain.

Test Refrigerant Levels √

Low refrigerant levels cause AC systems to blow out warm air. Have your HVAC professional connect the gauges to the outside unit to determine if the correct amount of refrigerant is running through the system.

Air Vent Inspection √

Inspect air vents for excess dirt and dust.

Condensate Drain Inspection √

A clogged condensate pipe could cause damage to the AC system, so always make sure water is exiting the system successfully.

Thermostat Test √

A broken or dysfunctional thermostat is an easy HVAC fix.

Leave The Windows Closed

Open windows are a huge money loss when it comes to AC units in Southern California. It’s never a bad idea to fasten larger windows shut to avoid high energy bills.

Breathe Easier Knowing That Your HVAC System Is Under Control

Property managers in Southern California should care about their tenants. Regular maintenance on HVAC systems means better air quality and higher efficiency. With proper HVAC maintenance, everyone wins.    

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