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The Eviction Moratorium – What’s Next?


In this AOA Live Stream, you will discover:
Changes to laws that affect residential rental housing providers
Updates on AB 832
How to navigate the months ahead
Michael Brennan is the owner of Brennan Law Firm, an eviction law firm for landlords, which focuses on: Evictions and Landlord-tenant litigation. In addition to running his law firm, this speaker also: writes articles, conducts seminars, and teaches classes on a multitude of landlord tenant topics throughout Southern California. He is extremely active in the landlord-tenant industry, and sits on the Board of Directors for various Apartment Associations throughout Southern California, as well as sitting on multiple legislative committees where he reviews and interprets proposed legislation affecting the rental housing industry. He is a landlord himself, so the information he is presenting today is not just taken from black letter law, but also from his own personal experience as a housing provider and eviction attorney.

Brennan Law Firm is a landlord’s firm. We focus exclusively on representing landlords, real estate professionals, and management companies in all areas of landlord/tenant law. We provide outstanding customer service and attention to detail often lacking in other firms. We approach each client and each case with a proactive, positive, and professional approach. Moreover, we keep our clients informed about developments with updates with every major occurrence in their case. We are here to help you with your landlord-tenant needs and to facilitate that, we encourage you to call with any questions you might have. You can call our office at any time during normal hours of business to obtain a status report or to simply ask a question.However tempting it may seem, “do it yourself” is no longer an option when it comes to evicting tenants in California. The only effective approach to evicting tenants is to have a deep understanding of the applicable laws and to proactively approach each individual situation with that knowledge. With us on your side, you can effectively navigate the complex California legal system while steering clear of unnecessary and costly delays.

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