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Shining a Light on 2020 Tax Planning: The Importance of Year-End Planning


Shining a Light on 2020 Tax Planning:  The Importance of Year-End Planning

The year started as a normal filing season, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, there is now a lot more to consider from a tax planning standpoint. From working at home, to the CARES Act to other legislative issues and of course, this being an election year, you want to make sure to set aside some time with YOUR tax advisor before the end of the year, who will discuss the best tax-saving strategies that fit YOUR situation.  If you have been wondering if a year-end planning session with your accountant is needed soon, well, the short answer: absolutely right now more than ever!  Don’t delay!During this presentation, Tony Watson, an Enrolled Agent from Robert Hall & Associates, will explain to you the tax planning strategies YOU need to employ and the secrets YOU can use to save on YOUR taxes for this year.  Learn about the most often forgotten tax deductions, how to avoid costly tax mistakes, and the leading, “last minute” tax avoidance strategies all in perfectly legal and in compliance with the law.  Whether you are a real estate investor, agent, or lender, you will definitely benefit from this important information to reduce your tax bill and maximize YOUR return on your real estate investments and  potentially save thousands of dollars this year and in the future!

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