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Fair & Easy: Debunking Common Myths About RUBS

Fair & Easy: Debunking Common Myths About RUBS In the rental industry, utility billing is full of misconceptions, especially among Residents. Master-billed utility costs are often simply divided equally among units, or included with rent, r...

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Angelenos may soon pay higher sanitation fees

The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation plans to increase sewer fees by almost 20%, adding yet another price hike for the cost of water in L.A. According to the Bureau, the first increase is expected to be one of seven, contingent on support fr...

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Housing Inspections

What’s new: The proposed changes address tenant complaints about landlords failing to address long-standing problems. County leaders are now considering a plan that would require inspectors to visit every apartment in unincorporated L.A. Coun...

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